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  1. Swede

    Well-Known Member 34 From Gavleborg, Sweden
  2. Nervusbreakdown

    XBOX LIVE Member Since 2002
  3. The Wolf King

    The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors
  4. CFogle21

    XBL PSN: Doodzey
  5. Spiritech

    Well-Known Member

    Goodbye my Furry Friend. From Here and not there
  7. tumorman

    Supreme Member From Richmond, VA
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  8. The Sunset Limited

    Well-Known Member
  9. Tommygun.

    Undisputed Metascore Guessing Champion
  10. strategerist

    Well-Known Member
  11. pravus

    Well-Known Member From Somers Point, NJ
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  12. OfficialSono

    XBL/PSN - OfficialSono. 32 From Diablo Grande, California.
  13. yankeessuck

    Well-Known Member
  14. Videodrome

    Terminyers From Michigan
  15. lowdru2k

    TXB member 2002-2013 From Southeast Texas
  16. Plainview

    I am a sinner.
  17. BDaddyK

    Generation Crybaby From Outside Boston
  18. JinCA

    Well-Known Member

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