Hololens-Next Official Thread

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Sep 14, 2013

Hololens 2 is coming, and will be shown at Mobil World Congress event on February 24th. Satya Nadella and Alex Kipman will represent Microsoft at their first MWC since their failed Windows Mobile/Nokia endeavour. Why here? Mixed Reality is what Microsoft is hoping that the world will eventually trade in their phones in for, some day. What's in the next Hololens? One compiled a list of confirmed / rumored / patented specs (yes, I have read through quite a few patents)

  • Smaller Form Factor- Confirmed by Microsoft
  • APU- ? Rumored Qualcomm Snapdragon 850
  • HPU- (Holographic Processing Unit) Confirmed next gen AI coprocessor running deep neural networks
  • Wider FOV- Confirmed. Rumored to be double (70°) at minimum
  • VR Capability- ? Mentioned in patent. (Only if >90° FOV)
  • Variable Focus- ? Rumored, In patents
  • Light Blocking- In patents. Requires liquid crystal, per pixel sync for dark shadows
  • Eye Tracking- ? In patents [involving LBS display]
  • Foveated Display- In patents [involving LBS display]
  • Spacial/Hand Tracking- New Kinect for Azure, Confirmed. Combines 6 cameras/sensors into one, higher res
  • Display Technology- ? Rumored/Co-Patented MicroVision LBS (Laser Beam Scanning piezoelectric micromirror device)
  • Lens Display- ? Likely still Surface Relief Waveguide(s), next gen version of current
  • Consumer Version?- only if <$1500... maybe <$1000
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