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Sep 11, 2013
Patch Notes
Patch Notes
Ahoy pirates!
We hope you've all thoroughly enjoyed the festive season! Now that it's come to a close, Outpost residents across the Sea of Thieves are taking down their decorations for the year.
If you haven't used your Gilded Voyage yet, fear not! You can hold on to it and use it at any time. Duke has now run out and is no longer offering these Voyages, though he continues to offer Letters of Recommendation and bags of gold for purchase with Doubloons. In the meantime, we've fixed a number of issues reported by the community and made further improvements to loading times. Happy New Year!
  • Loading Times – Further improvements to loading times should be noticeable with the release of 1.4.2.
  • Scalable Text Chat - Text chat can now be scaled via the settings menu.
Fixed Issues
  • Cannon radial no longer sticks on a player's screen if they are knocked away from a cannon.
  • The lowest LOD texture on the galleon ladder has been updated.
  • Players on the Ferry of the Damned will now be credited for Krakens killed by their crew.
  • Players no longer get teleported to the middle of the map while on a Rowboat during server migration.
  • Players should no longer intermittently fall off ship ladders when reaching the top.
  • Rewards in Kraken Watchtower Vault have been rearranged so they can all be picked up.
  • Migrating with an in-progress ‘X marks the spot’ map no longer puts treasure back in the dig spots.
Known Issues
  • Some players on an Nvidia GPU might be experiencing rendering-related problems. While the team continue to investigate the issue further, a workaround has been found. Please follow these steps in order to mitigate your issue.

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Sep 16, 2013

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