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Sony and Taco Bell giving away a PlayStation 4 every 15 minutes!

Discussion in 'PlayStation Discussion' started by Plainview, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Plainview

    Plainview I am a sinner.

    With Microsoft giving away an Xbox One every two minutes, Sony was bound to have something similar brewing behind the scenes. Sony announced today, in partnership with Taco Bell, they will be giving away a PlayStation 4 every 15 minutes. What are the requirements? Will I have to push my cholesterol and waistline into the stratosphere to compete like I would have to teeter becoming a diabetic with Microsoft's Every 2 Minutes?

    The rules are pretty straight forward. From September 26th to November 12th, go into Taco Bell and purchase a $5 Buck box, or 10 of them, and there will be a code attached to the box and text the code in and you'll be entered. The more you eat the better your chances.

    The console will ship out to arrive at your doorstep BEFORE it releases to the public. You'll be the envy of your online buddies. Each prize will include a PlayStation 4, a copy of Knack and a one year subscription to PlayStation Plus.

    For official rules and how to enter: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2013...ell-a-chance-to-win-ps4-before-november-15th/

    Please, watch the waistline though.

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  2. Z A C K

    Z A C K Stayin' Fresh

    This makes me hungry.
  3. Smurfboy

    Smurfboy Well-Known Member

    Nice. Just like Taco Bell did with original Xbox.
  4. sharkboy1200

    sharkboy1200 troubletroubletrouble ...... troubletroubletrouble

    I do love me some Taco Bell.
  5. DriedMangoes

    DriedMangoes It can't all be for nothing, right?

    Might want to add that it's US only, unavailable in Canada.
  6. u2popmofo

    u2popmofo Lost In The Dream

    Just went there to get a code. Forgot how much I dislike their food.

    Now I have to play the "when will be the best optimal moment to submit the code" game.
  7. Lord Majestic

    Lord Majestic Anormaly

    I guess it Taco Bell, Tonight.
  8. Smurfboy

    Smurfboy Well-Known Member

    All taco bell belongs to me!
  9. Tazz3

    Tazz3 Active Member

    Anybody win one yet
  10. u2popmofo

    u2popmofo Lost In The Dream

    I've submitted a few of them (online, not via text). When you do it online, it immediately tells you that you didn't win. Almost makes you question whether or not it's actually checking anything behind the scenes! :laugh:

    Anyways, I'm already really sick of Taco Bell after going a few times in the last week. Not sure how many more times I'll go, as I think I think I'd rather just throw down $400 on the console than feel disgusting after eating at Taco Bell. ;)
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  11. Ketto

    Ketto Throw It In The Sky Super Mod

    Cheesy Gordita Crunch or bust!
  12. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    That Crunchwrap supreme is just way too damn big wtf. I've had 3 of these boxes since they started. Not sure I can do anymore.
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  13. penguinpig

    penguinpig Well-Known Member

    i wonder if they market like this in europe. hit the gym once in while.....
  14. Johnmiceter

    Johnmiceter Active Member

    For a company supposedly having some money problems they don't mind giving away things.

    They don't even need to do this Sony, as they are the ones who have the most preorders and are the most popular. MS should be the ones giving their Xbones away as that is the only way I would own one :tounge:
  15. Kassen

    Kassen Dysfunctinoal Systems

    Taco Bell. You had me at free PS4. You lost me at free Knack. :really:
  16. DOOM

    DOOM TXB Alumni, 2001-2013

    Tried & lost, lol!
  17. Tazz3

    Tazz3 Active Member

    just got taco bell just the soda cup how do u do it on line there is no code on the cup lol
    i think its bull thoise jerks did not give me a box it was an mtv box what bs
  18. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    Think you need the box breh. You can also get a free code but not sure. This site allows you to enter your code instead of texting it: https://winps4.prizelogic.com/
  19. Tazz3

    Tazz3 Active Member

    Yeah I called Taco Bell they are geting some this weekend
    They are giving me a box I kept my receipt
  20. Flight School

    Flight School Still King

    Tried winning one on Wednesday. Did not.

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