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  1. Spiritech

    Well-Known Member
  2. Hedon

    Hedonism From Wisconsin, USA
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  3. DLC

    Well-Known Member
  4. Plainview

    I am a sinner.
  5. Hazard71

    Well-Known Member 47
  6. OneBadMutha

    Well-Known Member
  7. Viktor

    Well-Known Member From Dubuque, IA
  8. illiniguy

    Thing #1 44 From Tuscola, IL
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  9. CFogle21

    XBL PSN: Doodzey
  10. Digital Joker

    Do I look like I'm joking? From Edmonton Alberta
  11. BDaddyK

    Generation Crybaby From Outside Boston
  12. Razzel

    Well-Known Member
  13. Lord Majestic

  14. lowdru2k

    TXB member 2002-2013 From Southeast Texas
  15. Andy

    Another Gruff White Male Protagonist
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  16. Edge BC

    Mistwalker fan From Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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  17. Dno69

    Well-Known Member
  18. The Wolf King

    The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors
  19. Dibils

  20. Pureshooter

    Well-Known Member From Wilmington, NC

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