1. karmakid

    New Antitrust Bill To Require Apple And Google Allow Third Party Stores And Side Load
  2. karmakid

    Leaks From Epic V Apple - Epic Wins, In Australia And USA

    Case is on going, will post as things pop up, feel free to add if y’all catch anything new and or interesting...
  3. karmakid

    Arizona Bill Advances, To Force Apple And Google To Allow Pay-Through Apps, Like Fontnite
  4. TeKPhaN

    Stadia from Google - Getting Shut Down?

    A streaming only, INSTANT Access system with controller. Streams up to 4K 60fps HDR, will later add support for 8K 120fps Stadia instances are 10.7 Teraflops of GPU power Can click Play Now in a STADIA enabled browser and join instantly on sites like YouTube. Connects using Chrome as a streaming...
  5. yankeessuck

    Fortnite Battle Royale

    Not going to be the first or last game to come for that PUBG money but given that it is the first on consoles its probably going to be big
  6. The Living Tribunal

    Official Thread Pillow Fight that nobody wins with MOAR Jackie Chan and guys comfortable with STRETCHING their sexuality!

    So to minimize the antagonizing posts that are popping up in each thread we are going to have a thread discussing the strengths and weaknesses of both the PS5 and XSX relative to each other. I'm also allowing PC talk in here in relation to the consoles as well. Couple of ground rules: No...