gran turismo

  1. karmakid

    Gran Turismo PC?

    Maybe it’ll release near the release of the movie? Some of Sony's biggest franchises have already made their way to the platform, including Santa Monica Studio's God of War, Insomniac Games' Spider-Man, and Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4...
  2. karmakid

    Gran Turismo The Movie - August 11, 2023
  3. Kvally

    Official Thread Gran Turismo 7 Official Thread - March 4, 2022 2PM PST

    Gran Turismo 7 - Announcement Trailer | PS5 Official News Website: 06/11/2020 Gran Turismo 7 - Announcement Trailer On Thursday, 11 June a trailer for the announcement of 'Gran Turismo 7' was revealed during the 'PS5: The Future of...
  4. karmakid

    FPS Over Resolution Favored For Gran Turismo Future
  5. karmakid

    Kaz Yamauchi, On A Mission To Save Racing