1. karmakid

    Which Horizon Did It Better? HFW V FH5

    Or will be/is Both targeted for end of the year release, in 2021. Both “open world/action” Both take place in dense jungles, desert and mountains…and what looks like abandoned cities with a scare population in particular locations. Both games are cross-gen. Both are gorgeous. Both studios...
  2. PM Maverick

    Forza Horizon 5

    We know it's coming (maybe it isn't), but as menace-uk- mentioned, let's not clutter up FM8 thread with real or FAKE FH5 news. That said, from my research, this appears to be fake news, but the slight chance it's real, it could be Japan (taken from Rollins post in the FM8 thread). Source...
  3. karmakid

    Official Thread Horizon Forbidden West | PS5/4 | *NOTE Save 10 Bucks Buy PS4 Version Get PS5 Version Free - BEWARE SPOILERS ONLINE, DON’T POST SPOILERS