1. karmakid

    Ozzy Osbourne Going Back To His Home Planet
  2. karmakid

    Ubisoft Taking Down Servers And DLC

    I guess this is one reason they should be bought out…
  3. karmakid

    The Truths Of Our Universe - Not Billions Carl, Trillions The Universe, no matter how we conceive or misconceive of it, cannot hide its truths when faced with superior data. If you take the deepest image ever created of the distant Universe, the Hubble eXtreme Deep Field, and extrapolate...
  4. karmakid

    Streaming Falters, Movie Theaters Hyped For Big Movies Like Avatar And Top Gun
  5. karmakid

    Sony Blocks Subscription Stacking Of PS+ And PS Now Update: As pointed out by reader Fuzzymonkeyfunk, and corroborated by Push Square, Sony's support department appears to be confirming that the company has deactivated the...
  6. karmakid

    Keanu Reeves Joins The MCU
  7. karmakid

    Xbox Japan Working With Top Class Devs On Ground Breaking Games - And Other Stuff

    Just thought “hey, maybe there should be something just for Japanese/Asian games/news that happen to be on or coming to Xbox” Some may deserve their own thread, whilst other gems could go here.
  8. karmakid

    Universal Donor Lungs - And Other Body Parts
  9. karmakid

    Lithium In California To Save It And The US? Sorry Nevada…
  10. karmakid

    Police Ticket Quota, Speed Traps: Policing For Profit

  11. karmakid

    Bobby Kotick Asks For Pay Reduction, To 65,000, Use What He Made For Improvments
  12. Dehnus


    To be able to chat and voice during the E3, I quickly created a UVGF Discord Server. It isn't official of course, but if you click on the link you can join :). You have to have discord of course :). Oh and PLainview, just message me once you arrive, I'll transfer Ownership to you :)...
  13. karmakid

    17 Year Old Intern Discovers New Planet, At NASA
  14. karmakid

    Vikings Did It First
  15. karmakid

    Bandai Namco New Logo And Focus Bandai Namco Group Announces New Purpose and Corporate Logo Sharing dreams, fun and inspiration with people around the world to create a brighter future for everyone The Bandai Namco Group has decided to...
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    Random Tech Stuff - Single Chip Transfers Entire Internet

    Yep…. Has anyone seen this?
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    Random Actor, Movie And Entertainment News

  18. karmakid

    Hideo Kojima Gets Around - Puts Buddy Cop Game On Hold

    Maybe he’ll do a cameo, like in Halo