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    Xbox Games Of 2023

    What are you looking forward to…
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    Xbox Series X|S Launch Celebration November 10th, 2020

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    Xbox VR, The Missing Series? "Gamepass Announced for Quest 2, and Xbox VR Hinted at by Nadella"
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    Xbox Series X | S Preorder Help/Info Thread Next week, beginning September 22, you’ll be able to pre-order both Xbox Series X, our most powerful console ever made, and Xbox Series S, our smallest console ever delivering next-generation...
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    Can’t Score A Reservation, Maybe Win An Xbox Series X With Taco Bell

    Nothing official yet but this leaked November 13 it may be *edit to add below
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    Xbox Series X Architecture Discussion, August 17 2020 As spotted by Lords of Gaming, Microsoft will discuss the system architecture of its next-gen console during this year's Hot Chips, which will be held between August 16th and August 18th. The presentation will be delivered on...
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    Recompile - Series X Launch Title

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    Optimized For Series X - OG, 360, One Games On Xbox Optimized for Xbox Series X is the indicator for games that take advantage of the full power of Xbox Series X. Since Xbox Series X offers developers unparalleled power and speed, this empowers them to...
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    When Did Xbox Jump In With WD?

    I thought they were partners for Seagate...I was looking to see if BB was price matching a 5tb external and bumped into these, looks kinda cool. An...
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    GamePass Comes To Japan And Maybe More?

    “The gaming market in Japan, fans in Japan, gamers in Japan, are incredibly important to me and team Xbox. Some of the most amazing experiences we’ve all played on games have come from Japan and we work really hard to make Xbox a part of the experience for customers in Japan. This is an...
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    Remedy Working On Two Next Gen Games
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    Microsoft Game Stack Live - Project Acoustics

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    Next Gen To Be Delayed?
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    Phil On X And PS5 Interview - 2020 When designing Project Scarlett, we made sure that games emulated on Xbox One today will continue to work. In other words, Xbox and Xbox 360 titles that run on Xbox One today will...
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    Behold Your Next Gen Savior And Master Overlord

    May have been a bit bored and mods do what you will with this, sorry
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    Forza Motorsport Series X/S Turn 10 Studios aims to revive the ethos of its classic Forza Motorsport game experiences and incorporate them into the philosophy of its next installment into the track-focused racing franchise. This idea, infused into the “built, not...
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    The Philing: Consoles Won’t Disappear, Still Best Scenario To Play Over Streaming

    The entire interview can be found here: "Do you think the time is near where consoles will simply disappear at one point, and we will use screens only to run games from remote servers?" Phil Spencer answered: No. There are certain scenarios where a stream game is the best answer. On a...
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    Official Thread XBOX Series X/S Official Thread

    I don't know Brad Sams, but I'm told he has covered Xbox for years and is pretty reliable.* via Brad Sams: "This past week, I was tipped off that the next generation Xbox was codenamed Scarlett and in an effort to track down if this information was accurate, I was able to view content that...