Maybe he was hinting at a possible switch release?
Ah, could be, I read it as him meaning PlayStation being the focus of the game as it has been so far since that's what the article says. It's talking about not leaning so heavily on the history of PlayStation.

“When we started this game we had discussions about whether we should or shouldn’t lean on PlayStation,” he said. “There were various opinions, with some questioning whether we should fly with our own wings and not be held back, but actually we decided it was the case that we were already doing that, but then also adding this layer of PlayStation because we can – and why not?

That was our mindset. If, in the future, we had an adventure that was all Astro and PlayStation wasn’t part of it, I don’t think that would be a problem. As long as the core elements and qualities of the game are great, then I think anything is possible.

“It’s a very flexible IP and that’s one of the things that I love about it. We approached with a light heart and didn’t write a backstory: we’re not precious about details too much, other than the design of the character, which needs to be respected. The rest is really open, and thanks to that, we can feel quite relaxed about where it’s going next.”
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It reminds me of how innovative and fun the Mario games were when I was a kid. Most games these days are the same boring copy and paste trash, but this genuinely looks like it'll be a lot of fun to play.
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Interview with Nicolat Doucet about astro bot:

- Since the "creation" of Asobi they went from 25-30 to 65 devs. He said it's a small team compared to other studios with big games but it's the perfect size for them since they still can keep Team Asobi DNA. He added that if they grow even more he wonders if they can keep that DNA, but that for him now it's the perfect size and they have a really good dynamic

- They completely overhauled the engine for Astro Bot (the game will be prettier, have more physics, etc. compared to Playroom)

- Main game is 12h-15h, they never said to themselves that the game needs to be 20-30h. They wanted a game where the tempo is constant for the whole game, where each level has the same quality rather than just stretching out the game

- They would rather reduce the length of the game than give an impression of repetition

- For the open world, they didn't make a prototype, it was just a brainstorm amongst themselves

- He got asked about a PlayStation themed planet, but he didn't want to answer to avoid overhyping things and to keep some suspense

- They have a team named DualSense 2.0 (3-4 people) to create new ideas on how to use dualsense

- There are some walls that Astro can touch with his hand, that are smooth at first then become a little rough and then smooth again, with haptic feedback indicating that there is a secret passage behind the rough section
- Why there is no VR compatibility: Astro Bot is not a game that can be made hybrid, because as a VR game it will be mediocre. To make a good VR game, it should be like Rescue Mission where everything must be thought of for VR
- He was asked if Playstation releases more hardware in the future, will they be added to Astro Bot like the new update Playroom got. He said if new hardware is released, they will be added to Playroom