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Sep 11, 2013
Dubuque, IA
I tried the beta and didn't even finish the first match. The mechanics are fine, it looked/ran fine, but seems super heavy on teamwork. So unless you've got a team already good f***ing luck with that. And if you run up against a pre-made you're just going to get rolled.

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Sep 11, 2013
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Mar 24, 2018
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Honestly have no idea what "gamers" that play these types of online games prefer. Couldn't fathom the success of fortnite nor apex legends, so whether this fails or not is well over my knowledge of reality.
I'd guess it'll fail though?
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Sep 11, 2013
Well it's not been abandoned. Just recieved a new level among other things in a new patch

New This Build
New Map: HydroCore

Max Fighter Level: Increased max fighter level to 30

New Skins: Available for purchase with credits via the workshop:


路 Blue Light Disco

路 Funky Disco

路 Disco Pop

路 Trooper Buttercop

路 City Beat Buttercop

路 Patrol Buttercop


路 Cherry Glam

路 Flamingo Glam

路 Golden Glam

路 Camo C-Bot

路 Chrome C-Bot

路 IC-Bot


路 Shifty Imp

路 Crafty Imp

路 Firey Imp

路 Funky Lee

路 Killer Lee

路 Daemon Lee

El Bastardo

路 Desert Military

路 Urban Military

路 Jungle Military

路 Master Butcher

路 Local butcher

路 Speciality Butcher


路 Military Desert

路 Military Urban

路 Military Jungle

路 Peachy Fox

路 Icy Fox

路 Cheeky Fox


路 Colonial Captain

路 Colonial Lieutenant

路 Colonial Commander

路 Emerald Death

路 Jade Death

路 Red Death


路 Gold Leprechaun

路 Copper Pot Leprechaun

路 Maeve 鈥淏lackBird鈥 Murphy

路 Maeve 鈥淪pitfire鈥 Murphy

路 Maeve 鈥淭he Baron鈥 Murphy


路 Striped Rugby

路 White Rugby

路 Black Rugby

路 Jungin Sumo

路 Dragon Sumo

路 Cloud Sumo


路 Black Rustbucket

路 Corrosive Rustbucket

路 Orange Rustbucket

路 Yellow Mecha

路 Black Mecha

路 White Mecha


路 Celestial Cybergoth

路 Bubblegum Cybergoth

路 Harlequin Cybergoth

路 Wood Spirit

路 Earth Spirit

路 Air Spirt


路 Zombie Skull

路 Acid Skull

路 Ghost Skull

路 Hreinn Viking

路 Vargr Viking

路 Bjorn Viking

Zero Cool

路 Acid Burn

路 Crash Override

路 Phantom Phreak

路 British Racing Green

路 German Racing Silver

路 Italian Racing Red

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Fixed: issue allowing Tanks to gain a "super jump" if jumping while being hit with final attack of a combo.

Fixed: issue allowing Gizmo to move around after transforming out of MiniMech while still inside Mekko's Exclusion Bubble.

Maeve Fixed bug causing players hit with "Cage" by a Maeve using "Starved" mod would have the effect incorrectly linger until death or changing characters.

Kulev Fixed camera glitch caused by ward pin colliding with camera


Jersey sink Fixed several issues with camera collision in spectator mode

Skygardens Spawn point islands have been moved back to prevent exploit allowing some Fighters to access the battle zone prior to match starting.

Boneyard Fixed collision issues causing players to become stuck.

Matchmaking & Connection

Fixed: a bug occasionally preventing all slots being backfilled after multiple players left a match.

Fixed: game being stuck on the loading screen if player has been kicked due to bad connection with the server


Ensured: an environmental kill icon is displayed for a winning kill by the plasma gates.

Fixed: bug where train wasn't shown in final play if train was the instigator of the winning kill

Fixed: rare bug where end game flow would be interrupted if player closes the fighter select screen just before the game ends.

Multiple localization fixes across a variety of languages.

Fixed: a bug causing player avatars to show empty during loading screen.

Accessibility & Options

Fixed bug where new items indicator wouldn't be shown on the billboard after first loading into the game.

Fixed Contextual narration on K&M and fixed the 鈥淎鈥 Button flow to sound better

Fixed keyboard and mouse narration for chat while selecting Super

Added keyboard prompts for selecting build during fighter select