Discord Channel.


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Sep 13, 2013
It has been a year since I last visited UVGF, mostly been too busy with work and s*** posting on non gaming sites. I know it's been a year as I had started a Discord channel for UVGF to watch the E3 with other Unionists ;). It never took off :(.

I do however downloaded Sea of Thieves recently, and wondered if by now there was an official one. I would love to play this game with others, especially on my maiden voyage, and thus Discord came to mind.

If there is none yet, would it be an idea to invite people to the old E3 one, add channels for the games we frequently play and start a bit of a community outside of our phones and browser windows?

Sorry if this has been asked before by others and I'm beating a dead horse :p.

PS: I never got around to the CPU article for the One X. Reasons, outside of temperature and power usage there has been little evidence to the changes that it has compared to the Xbox One's CPU. Since it's higher clocked it's probably a Puma rather than a Jaguar (since that is pretty much the only difference between those two), and the temperature and power usage are "profiles" they set after testing the CPU part of the APU that comes of a waver (so it isn't a specific design element). There has since then been little evidence to counter this, and it was something I waited for.

As the article stands now, it's nothing more than explaining what a CPU does, and there are plenty of those already on the web ;).


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Sep 11, 2013
Do we have a Discord channel?

I've been using it much more then last 6 months.