Forspoken - Jan 24th 2023

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Digital Joker

Do I look like I'm joking?
I've never played a game with a black female lead character. Will this give me woke cred?
Just kidding, it's good to see.


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Kind of reminds me of Infamous a little bit.

Holy, some of those guys are huge bullet sponges though, also want to see how performance mode looks like.
Kinda diminishes all these impressive looking spells when the enemies just shrug them off, lol.


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I wonder if they’d got delayed cos GOW new release date?

Not directly but it may have had a hand. October and November are shaping up to be big expensive months and I think Square Enix in conjunction with Sony may be trying this thing called management where they space a new IP far enough away from some of the bigger releases so that their sales aren't adversely affected.

Remember Forspoken is a PS5 console exclusive for 2 years. Both Sony and Square Enix have financial reasons to not let this game be released to the wolves during a busy season and forgotten about a few months from release.
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