Official Thread Gran Turismo 7 Official Thread - March 4, 2022 2PM PST

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Menu book 34 of 39 now. The races are getting longer. It’s not until this point you can appreciate the weather and time change. One race I started in the rain and then the rain progressively started to dissipate and the track began to dry. The car was less squirrely and no longer did you need to brake way early.

Another race I started at dusk and it became sunny. It was pretty cool.
What were PD thinking with this game?

You have the shocking MTs but now you also can't actually buy all the upgrades, you have to win them via the Roulette wheel. Terrible. Just absolutely terrible.
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Nope. No avatar at all as far as I have seen.
You can see a static photographic image of your character at the end of the race for 2 seconds. The helmets and race suits are pointless in the game other than pit stops. Your team matches your suit and helmet choice.
Here is what you see:


You never pit in the campaign so you don’t see it beyond this.
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PM Maverick what are your thoughts at this point? Worth picking up now, or worth waiting? Pros and cons?
Well, my long lasting impression is that it still feels like GT Sport. I loved GT Sport, so to me that is a Pro. I don't see a reason to wait, as there really isn't anything wrong with the game that is in need of updated. The biggest issue I have seen so far is just pop-in. But it doesn't bother me. Kinda lame that it happens on the PS5, especially in resolution mode.


  • Menu Books (campaign) are unique, as their goal is to give you the history of cars. This game is an automotive encyclopedia told through the Cafe. If they are giving you history of the cars/manufacturer and you are not interested in that one, you can skip through it.
  • Completing the Menu Books will get you 3 cars for each manufacturer book. You will get one car for each Menu Book that is a World Championship. And you have a chance at winning a car if the Menu Book gives you a roulette card.
  • Graphics look pretty good. PD seems more focused on performance this time around, and their continued attention to detail.
  • I am playing with the DS5 controller, so physics seem relatively similar to GT Sport for me. I was able to start the game up and pick up where I left off from GT Sport and it all felt familiar.
  • License tests are similar to what they were before. You can earn cars with completion of some tests, as well as roulette cards
  • Car customization and tuning is probably the best we have ever seen in GT. I was able to customize my spoiler, including the sides. It's pretty cool.
  • Racing is addicting. I keep telling myself...just one more race....then...just one more. Wife then says "no more" :grin:
  • Weather is great and makes a real impact on racing. It's not as in depth as the weather in FM7, but it's substantially better than it was in GT Sport (which was rare to find a weather track)
  • Time of day changing is subtle and awesome. Sun distraction is real, but never intruding. The time of day does hit night during the campaign, but maybe only twice (so far). Plenty of dawn/day/dusk racing, and that is the way I like it.
  • Tracks are all familiar but I think they have a great choice of tracks compared to FM7.

  • Rolling starts and putting you in last place to start. This just needs to stop. Maybe do a rolling qualifier lap or two before the race, then position you accordingly from a stop would be better IMO. PD has a fetish with rolling starts. Outside of the campaign, you can customize races to not be rolling starts.
  • Microtransactions. They push the f*** out of these to you. But you don't need them. You make enough money in the campaign to progress without out.
  • Grinding. There is more grind to this game than any previous GT, probably because they want the MTX money so bad.
  • Can't sell used cars. Because of MTX.
  • No free cars with daily miles. Because of MTX.
  • Tuning parts are expensive. Because of MTX.
  • No pit stops in campaign needed.
  • Avatar/helmet/race suits are pointless
  • The UI is a bit cumbersome for accessing your car and tuning. If you are going to join a World Championship race for example. You go in, and you can see what cars are recommended/required. And you can change to that car in the race menu, but many times you car isn't "ready" for the race because you need to change the PP, or change the tires. So you have to back out and you have to go to 3 different places on the map UI to make changes sometimes. Or if you don't own a car you need, you will back out and click on Brand Central to buy a car. Then the tuning shop to buy parts. Then to your garage to tune. And possibly GT Auto to customize features, then back to the race menu.
  • Blatant advertising for MTX on your PS5 dashboard
I have only done 1 out of the 15 circuit experiences. I haven't done any of the "Missions" which are unlocked (total of 6 missions, with multiple races within each mission) as you collect more cars. All 6 are unlocked once you reach car collector level 19.

You get to meet a lot of people in the game (real life), and I am not sure how I feel about it. It's supposed to give it a somewhat of a story like campaign. It's fine really. Not a pro or con.

I have not touched SPORT mode nor MULTIPLAYER.

I see NO reason to wait to get it, as it seems like a 100% complete game and no glaring issues.

A new update for Gran Turismo 7 is now available, bringing with it a raft of changes designed to address some of the bugs encountered by some players since the game’s general launch last week.

Weighing in at 916MB on PlayStation 5, the update known as 1.06 is the first post-launch patch for the title — as gamers would have had to update to 1.05 on day one in order to play.

As you’d expect from an update relatively early in a game’s life, the size doesn’t correspond to new content but to fixing glitches noted across the community. In the case of 1.06, the major fixes relate to game progression issues.

The primary fix covers issues with the Menu Books not completing properly. This prevented players from advancing through the core single-player game and, as a result, unlocking tracks and features. We’ve had a number of reports from players of this issue cropping up, though the patch notes state it is a “very rare issue”…

There’s also a fix for an issue with one of the game’s trophies, Rain Royalty. Although it’s not specifically detailed in the trophy description, it’s awarded for at least passing all of the license tests that are set in wet weather conditions — though in some cases it wasn’t triggering properly.

This is now fixed, and according to the patch notes if you were affected you can pick up the trophy by heading back and getting a bronze time (or better) in each again. However GTPlanet’s users are reporting that completing any one test (such as B-1) will cause the trophy to pop.

Another license test glitch actually helped players out, but has now been reverted. A bug was introduced which enabled the Overtake boost feature on the Super Formula car used in the S-7 test, making target times a lot easier. That’s been undone and the leaderboards wiped — but you’ll retain your progress.

Aside from these, the fixes in the update cover minor but irksome bugs across the board. The full patch notes are quite lengthy, but include tweaks to car settings, livery editor, GT Auto functions, brand invitations, and Showcase. In addition there’s a fix for the Thrustmaster TH8A shifter. In addition, the patch notes also refer to a bug with engine swaps, which is the first time this feature has been directly acknowledged in any way.

There’s also a single new feature added, by way of a wind speed/direction indicator on the main race screen. We’ve seen strong crosswinds affecting the car previously, but the indicator will also allow players to anticipate the arrival and departure of weather systems.

The update is now available, and you’ll need to apply it before you can access the bulk of Gran Turismo 7’s features.
u2popmofo from GT Planet:

I've completed Gran Turismo 7's career, menu books? whatever you want to call it, and it has left me so underwhelmed.

This game is such a tiny offering and does not compare to previous offerings.

No Australian Supercars Championships, no Japanese Touring Car Championship, no Endurance Championships, no Nascar Championships, no Drift Championships or any other championships the world has to offer...which you won't see here.

Just a sad little World Touring Car Championship finale.

This has to be the worst Gran Turismo game l have ever played. It's lightweight and the handling of the cars is truly suspect with all that oversteering...The game feels like a scam!

What was the point of all those settings? They do hardly anything...

Also, the menu system is so counter-intuitive, so many button presses to collect things. Even collecting mileage has to be acknowledged with a button press.

I'm sorry, but l have always enjoyed and been a great fan of the GT games and l feel totally let down by this game...and all it's bugs and framerate dropping.

No endurance.
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3-star roulette I won the GT3 class Toyota GR Supra letsss gooo.

u2popmofo I won't get as in-depth but I am underwhelmed with the game. Outside of GT Sport the series has been one of, if not my favorite racing series of all time going back to the first game. Sport I didn't spend a lot of time on because I'm not big on online racing since it usually just sucks. The funny thing is after actually trying Sport mode on this game I was excited to play it, but without BoP I doubt I will bother. I just want to race and have a fairly level playing field without worrying about tuning. Beyond that the single player stuff just seems more like GT Sport and not the rags to riches type of feel the old games had. With the Cafe thing I feel like I'm all over the place doing random stuff.

I'm not disappointed I bought the game at release, but I'm honestly feeling like buying Asetto Corsa instead and spending more time on that.
Once I'm done with the menu I think I'm done with this. It's good but I don't see myself just racing to race. I've enjoyed Grid Legends far more.
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Once I'm done with the menu I think I'm done with this. It's good but I don't see myself just racing to race. I've enjoyed Grid Legends far more.
No Missions or Circuit Experience?
I’m sad. I’m on 39 of 39. 😟

Oh well, there is still some more content to finish beyond that.
Apparently they cut 11 Menu Books, from the original 50 Menu Books. Since they are already done, they must be trickling it out later as DLC (paid?) by just server unlocking?


At 7:25:

Not sure why this looks like crap and washed out. It looked better on my TV when I recorded this.

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Not sure why this looks like crap and washed out. It looked better on my TV when I recorded this.

No Idea why you so worried about playing MP. The way you take those corners is better than 50% of folk playing online in racers. And you didn't hit anything, that is better than 80% of online racers.
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