House of the Dying Sun


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Sep 11, 2013
Dubuque, IA

You're out for revenge.

The campaign is a hit-list of 14 custom-built assaults and assassinations with three brutal difficulties and bonus objectives. These objectives take heavy inspiration from the legendary TIE-Fighter series and Descent: Freespace, but House puts its own spin on them.

Each mission requires you to jump in, complete your objectives, and get out before you are intercepted by a massive traitor flagship.

Completing missions and bonus objectives allows you to upgrade your fleet in many different ways including unlocking new weapons or modifications. These in turn will help you tackle harder encounters in ways more suited to your play style.

This is a first person space combat shooter but more arcade than say Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen. You can also give commands to allies but can only control the fighters. Created by an ex-Bungie employee. I've always said about Destiny that I wish it had space combat as the ship designs were great. The game is fairly barebones, taking me about 4 hours to do a story playthrough on easy, but I'll definitely be going back on the other two difficulties. Supposed it was originally procedural but decided to change it to make it more story based. Also some of the screenshots show "wave" but there is no mode for it. It's still in early access but I guess it's pretty much feature done and just working on the bugs. I didn't run into any bugs save for my controls going back to default at one point.

Anyways really love this game. Reminds me of something like Battlestar Galactica like you're in a Viper. You can cut engines and drift along to strafe enemies and the sounds are muffled as they should be. Wish I had VR though as the game would look amazing I'm sure.
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Sep 11, 2013
I'm very tempted to get this. I got so many space games right now tho between elite, star citizen and even valkyrie.