How Xbox Live Compute will extend the life of Xbox One

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Sep 12, 2013
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The creators of Xbox Live Compute — the new name for the Xbox cloud — believe they can make gaming better for you while also improving the Xbox One over time.

The company expects its worldwide infrastructure of remote servers to power many of the online functions that our Xbox 360s had to handle in the past. That means better online multiplayer and potentially smarter artificial intelligence, and it might mean that Xbox One games could look prettier even when the system starts to age.

To learn about all of this, GamesBeat chatted with Xbox Live Compute lead program manager John Bruno about how his system works and the difficulties of explaining the cloud to gamers.

“About a year and a half ago we sat down with some developers and tried to figure out how we could leverage some of the assets we have at Microsoft from a computing standpoint,” said Bruno.

“Through a series of conversations, we built a platform that really reduces the barrier to entry for server development for game developers. We have a great asset in Windows Azure. We have a global footprint of data centers. We thought it would be a great pairing to take what game developers know really well and combine that with a program that removes some of the challenges of working on servers.”

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud-computing platform. Any developer — not just game makers — can go to Microsoft and reserve some space in the cloud to perform any functions they desire. For Xbox Live, the system is available to any developer that chooses to use it, and Microsoft claims that Xbox Live Compute removes a number of barriers that studios previously faced when working in the cloud.
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