Is Pixar making a new Star Wars movie?


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Sep 11, 2013
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When you own both Pixar and Star Wars, the most logical move would be to let Pixar make a Star Wars movie, no? Well, that's exactly what Disney is planning according to The Latino Review.

A Pixar film would be one of many tie-ins that would happen with Episode VII—for example, there are rumors of comics and TV shows. At the moment, there don't seem to be any more specific details about a Pixar film—but should it happen, it's not exactly the most surprising move for Disney to take. The Latino Review has also been right about the stuff its heard about before.

It was only a matter of time before Disney’s golden child animation acquisition was brought into the company franchise game. John Lasseter doubling his time at Disney Animation is a good cog in the machine, but there comes an opportunity to mix two potentially profitable brands together and see if the success can exponentially multiply. Or that must be the thinking at Disney, because we’ve heard that Pixar has been given their own Star Wars movie.

Once the canon-purge is over and Episode VII is in production, there will be a whole universe of Star Wars related content to play in. We’ve heard about TV shows,new comics tie-ins (Marvel, of course), spin-off movies for particular characters and now, a Pixar film.

At this point, no idea what the size or shape of this film will be and given the long-view storytelling production model that is part of the Pixar brand, this could be a long way off. We can expect it to take place in the middle of a Venn Diagram between Star Wars and A Pixar Movie, and what that means to you depends on your definition of both.

Star Wars and animation has some great possibilities. Or they could go and Animatrix it up (like The Dark Knight did). At least this looks to be a mix that could be potentially fruitful, especially since this will come out long after we’ve read several think pieces on the dilution of the brand.

Maybe WALL-E gave them a new take on Droids (and someone should scrub the taste of Fox’s Robots from our mouths), maybe the Jawas have an interesting culture (but not like a Smurf), maybe you don’t want a live-action movie of how Young Han Solo met Chewbacca, but if Pixar did it, maybe it’d be tolerable.


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Sep 11, 2013
Well, Disney owns Star Wars. They can do whatever the hell they want to. My opinion? I'm open to anything Disney is putting on the table. And I, Smurfboy the Great, approve this.


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Sep 11, 2013
I'm kind of meh on this. No because I'm against Stars Wars becoming a 3D animated film/series, I actually enjoyed the Clone Wars show personally, wasn't perfect but it had some pretty good moments and episodes, but I'm more worried about a conflict of interests. With Star Wars, I was kind of expecting something more akin to the Pirates of the Caribbean/Tron Legacy treatment. With Pixar, it just doesn't seem to sync up for me. I can easily be proven wrong though, and I'd welcome it.


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Sep 11, 2013
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Yeah I'm in the same boat, as much as I love just about everything Pixar has done, I'm not sure how I feel bout them doing a Star Wars movie. I would love to be happily surprised though.