Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 - Featuring Venom


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Sep 13, 2013
I never read comic books or anything, but I watched the animated show as a kid and I feel like I remember one of the things about Venom was that he didn't even trigger Spider-man's spidey sense which was one of the ways Venom had an advantage over him and could get the drop on him that way.
Yeah, Venom used that ability to follow and terrorize P. Parker. But it also backfired on Brock because his reign of terror was so successful that it pushed Peter to the limit where he almost killed Brock after separating him from the Symbiote.

Venom is stronger, faster and even more agile than P. Parker. Peter is known to pull his punches because he doesn't really want to hurt anyone. That went out the window after Peter got home to find Brock having tea with Aunt May.

I doubt we'll see anything that dark in the games though.
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