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Sep 12, 2013
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I agree with a lot of that, but it's hypocritical of the teachers union to have the stance of "Our choice," after a year of fighting to go back into the classroom, ESPECIALLY since schools will be 100% open and the delta variant hasn't hit here yet. Hopefully it won't.

I don't know, but I doubt there was any good faith effort by Cuomo to even attempt any negotiation. That's how he rolls. He says these things in public and then makes the unions out to be the bad guys.

Again I can't speak to their union, but I can tell you ours asked for priority access to the vaccine and was told "No, you're not essential". Fast forward to Aug 2 and we're all back in the office 100% and we're now told we're essential again. Fortunately the vaccine is easily available to anyone in the meantime, but there was a time we couldn't get it but were forced to work.

I'm just saying, this goes way, way back to before covid. Teachers should just get vaccinated along with everyone else, but the moment you start forcing people it is going to get contentious. We get jerked around enough to where there's simply no room for good faith.
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Sep 11, 2013
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