The Division 2


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Sep 11, 2013
The Delaware Valley
I decided to join the DPS gang and put a build together. Holy hell, no wonder so many people are using the M1A rifle, it destroys. My build has my rifle hitting for over 500k per bullet and I have 50% crit hit chance for even more damage. I have been trying to increase headshot damage to replace weapon handling on like 3 or 4 gear pieces. If RNG would ever be kind and grant it that would be awesome. Speaking of RNG its been brutal for me, only have one exotic (sweet dreams shotty) after playing a lot lately. I've been farming the Wall Street & Tombs missions on hard and challenging for the bullet king LMG but nothing so far.
Didn't get the BK but I got the new Merciless,Lady Death, Liberty, Chameleon and Chatterbox.

Plus various armors.

I play in Challenging mainly and do bounties.