The Grammy's Post Mortem


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Sep 11, 2013
Watched the show last night, I don't really keep up with new music anymore but I'm a fan a music so I decided to watch to see what was new (to me) for 2013. Here's a few random thoughts...

* Almost turned off the show early on as it had a real dark vibe to it. That Lorde girl was gruesome and Katy Perry acting a pole stripper witch was disturbing.

* Taylor Swift looked like a woman as opposed to a teeny bopper. Hot!

* Never heard of the Imagine Dragons before and that performance was the one that made me want to check out their CD. Powerful music.

* Pink is an inspiring performer and the circus may be calling.

* Daft Punk!!! 'nuff said.

* Did Madonna just roll out of bed? Sumptin wrong there.

* Paul still got it, Ringo never had it.

* Metallic and classic pianist works, who'd da thunk it? Rock on!

* Collaboration all star music jams rarely come off good but I enjoyed the Nine Inch Nails/QOTSA/Lindsey Buckingham performance.

Overall a couple bright spots noted but mostly just another show to soon be forgotten.

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Sep 11, 2013
Sorry you lost me when you used the words Katy Perry/stripper and disturbing in the same sentence.