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Sep 11, 2013
Dubuque, IA
lol at the anesthesia one. I've only been under twice. First was when I was a freshman in HS and had surgery. This was when Tom Green was still a thing and he had a skit where he's asking about a rat stealing his keys, so I was saying the same thing. The other was for wisdom teeth but that was honestly boring. By the time I woke up I didn't think my mouth was even that numb anymore and I didn't feel very loopy anyways.

Edit: actually the skit might have been when he had testicular cancer removed. I was in for another, lets just say, sack related issue lol
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Sep 12, 2013
Terminator will be reality sooner than expected

Not sure about Skynet, but this reminds me of the old hacker movie Sneakers about a device that could demolish encryption.

I think if you can snag the encrypted 'Hash' of a password, you can brute force it. This is normally extremely time consuming, but a Quantum CPU might change that.

I need to read more about this though because I didn't think we'd hit a practical Quantum CPU for a long time. My understanding is these are really fragile and hard to setup.
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Sep 11, 2013
I took a scuba lesson a few years back. This was just in a pool. I'm a great, strong swimmer. Even in a pool, I can see how easily someone can panic. This is frightening to watch.