Xbox Deal Xbox 360 Shocktober Sale: Alice: Madness Returns, Alien: Isolation, BioShock, Condemned, Darksiders, Dead Rising, Dead Space, Resident Evil 4....


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Sep 12, 2013
Abyss OdysseyArcade67%Shocktober Sale
Alice: Madness ReturnsBackward Compatible75%Shocktober Sale
Alien RageArcade80%Shocktober Sale
Alien: IsolationGames On Demand80%Shocktober Sale
Alien: Isolation Season PassAdd-On60%Shocktober Sale
Aliens vs PredatorBackward Compatible60%Shocktober Sale
Aliens: Colonial MarinesGames On Demand60%Shocktober Sale
Army of TwoBackward Compatible67%Shocktober Sale
BioShockBackward Compatible60%Shocktober Sale
BioShock 2Backward Compatible60%Shocktober Sale
CondemnedBackward Compatible75%Shocktober Sale
Dante’s InfernoBackward Compatible67%Shocktober Sale
DarksidersBackward Compatible85%Shocktober Sale
Darksiders IIBackward Compatible85%Shocktober Sale
Darkstalkers ResurrectionArcade80%Shocktober Sale
Dead IslandGames On Demand75%Shocktober Sale
Dead Island RiptideGames On Demand75%Shocktober Sale
Dead RisingGames On Demand70%Shocktober Sale
Dead Rising 2Games On Demand70%Shocktober Sale
Dead Rising 2 Off the RecordGames On Demand70%Shocktober Sale
Dead Rising 2: Case WestBackward Compatible30%Shocktober Sale
Dead Rising 2: Case ZeroBackward Compatible30%Shocktober Sale
Dead SpaceBackward Compatible75%Shocktober Sale
Dead Space 2Backward Compatible75%Shocktober Sale
Dead Space 3Backward Compatible75%Shocktober Sale
Deadfall AdventuresBackward Compatible90%Shocktober Sale
Destroy All Humans!Backward Compatible85%Shocktober Sale
Destroy All Humans! Path of the FuronGames On Demand85%Shocktober Sale
Devil May Cry HD CollectionGames On Demand75%Shocktober Sale
DmC Devil May CryGames On Demand70%Shocktober Sale
Escape Dead IslandBackward Compatible75%Shocktober Sale
Goosebumps: The GameGames On Demand70%Shocktober Sale
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead RabbitArcade67%Shocktober Sale
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super HeroesBackward Compatible50%Shocktober Sale
Metro 2033Games On Demand75%Shocktober Sale
Metro: Last LightGames On Demand75%Shocktober Sale
Painkiller Hell & DamnationGames On Demand85%Shocktober Sale
Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare PackAdd-On60%Shocktober Sale
Resident Evil 4Games On Demand75%Shocktober Sale
Resident Evil 5Games On Demand75%Shocktober Sale
Resident Evil 5 – Untold Stories BundleAdd-On50%Shocktober Sale
Resident Evil 6Games On Demand75%Shocktober Sale
Resident Evil CODE: Veronica XBackward Compatible75%Shocktober Sale
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon CityGames On Demand80%Shocktober Sale
Resident Evil RevelationsGames On Demand75%Shocktober Sale
Rise of NightmaresGames On Demand75%Shocktober Sale
Shadows of the DamnedBackward Compatible75%Shocktober Sale
The Darkness IIBackward Compatible80%Shocktober Sale
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced EditionBackward Compatible85%Shocktober Sale
Zombie Driver HDArcade85%Shocktober Sale