Xbox Japan Working With Top Class Devs On Ground Breaking Games - And Other Stuff


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Sep 11, 2013
Xbox is making strides in Japan but they're very incremental. Seems like the current trend is to release on EVERYTHING except xbox, wait at least a year then see if Phil/Xbox will cut them a gamepass check. And while that trend works well for the japanese publishers and developers IMO it will leave xbox as always being a third class console when it comes to Japanese centric games.
Does it really matter? Most Japanese games don't sell that big anyway. So is it really as big a deal as some make out.


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Sep 11, 2013
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Sarah Bond, who is Microsoft's corporate VP of gaming ecosystem at Xbox, was asked during an IGN Japan live stream on Saturday if Xbox owners should expect original Japanese Xbox-published titles in the future, similar to Xbox 360's Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.

"Completely," Bond replied. "One of the things that I'm super excited about is that we have over 250 developers in Japan developing games for Xbox right now. 150 have already shipped, 100 of them are in Game Pass and we [recently] got to announce 15 titles made in Asia and 13 in Japan.