Xbox One games not region-locked


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Sep 11, 2013

To the European gamers stuck waiting until 2014 for the console's launch in their home country, Microsoft reiterates the point: Games can be played on any Xbox One regardless of where it's bought.


Reiterating that the delay Microsoft announced on Wednesday was due to voice support for various languages into the console's dashboard, Microsoft's director of marketing, Albert Penello, cleverly pointed out to acommenter on NeoGaf that because the games are "worldwide signed" -- meaning not restricted to operating on a console specifically registered to a certain market -- the Xbox One could be purchased from any country.

And if you want to pay for Xbox Live Gold or purchase downloadable titles, Penello pointed out that it's a simple fix if you have a method of payment from one of the 13 launch markets. "Now, of course, if you were using Pre-Paid cards..." he said with an apparent digital wink.

Microsoft did concede that certain media, like movies and music, are geo-restricted due to licensing deals, meaning the Xbox One can't run Netflix if the streaming service isn't supported in the country it's being used in.


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Sep 11, 2013
B.C., Canada
Xbox 360 is region free. Publishers could choose to region lock their games if they so chose though.
TGS 2005 MS announced that the 360 would be region locked for games and DVD's, I thought it was the other way around, publishers could choose not to region lock their games if they so choose.