1. karmakid

    Xbox Japan Working With Top Class Devs On Ground Breaking Games - And Other Stuff

    Just thought “hey, maybe there should be something just for Japanese/Asian games/news that happen to be on or coming to Xbox” Some may deserve their own thread, whilst other gems could go here.
  2. karmakid

    Best Indie Games Of 2021

    What’s yours?
  3. karmakid

    2021, A Year In Review
  4. R

    Of Bird and Cage - A Rock Opera as a Game

    Hello, I'm a game developer for Capricia studios. Now... I know this is the art house section, but bear with me! I would like to showcase our game, which just released yesterday: Of Bird and Cage. It is the first rock/metal album produced entirely as a story-driven narrative video game, aspiring...
  5. karmakid

    Random Game Trailers

    For the ones we know little of but seem neat from the trailer alone....
  6. karmakid

    Indie And Other Sleeper, Under Radar Games

  7. karmakid

    SNES Games Coming September 5th