Blade - Rated R - Feb. 14, 2025

I don't know how you do a Vampire character without a lot of blood and gore but it's Disney so who knows? They do a lot of great stuff but R rated isn't generally what they go for.
Not sure what to expect here. While the actor can act very welll, i haven't seen him do any real action/fighting oriented stuff.

Very long way off too, 2022 at the earliest.
I don't think I've seen any shows or movies Ali has been in, so don't really have an opinion one way or another. On looks alone he can pull it off, but seems to be a bit old? He'd be like 48 by the time the first movie comes out.
Horrible casting

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I'm actually surprised they didn't just get GDT to make a new one since he made the best of the three. Can't say I'm surprised about the PG-13 rating. As far as I'm concerned, until I see otherwise, I don't trust Marvel to develop a good R-rated comic book film at this moment in time. You'd think the success of Joker and Deadpool would be enough evidence of what audiences want for the more mature IPs of Marvel and DC. Hopefully it's at least better than Blade 3 and doesn't retread old villains.