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I finally beat her but it was not a fun fight. I think a healing mechanic on hit is fine but healing when blocking is cheap as hell. The game was telling me that I can't get hit and I can't block. So I was left with getting my butt kicked constantly until I had all her moves for both phases memorized and even then it was super tough to beat her since her move set is so various and random.

Plus, lets not forget how crappy the camera is for bosses that like to fly around or those that are really large. I spent a lot of time looking at her crotch since she loves to take to the air before she unleashes hell. I never want to fight her again and that's not something I've said about any of the other bosses.

Still a great game and I hope some of the other so-called AAA devs learn from this game.

Yes, I admit I'm really salty after it took me like 4 days to beat this boss. :laugh:
You’re a certified Souls player now :bang:
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I just completed the game. I went with the Ranni ending, I liked that character. The last few bosses were pretty easy. I clocked in144hrs of total playtime and I'm at lvl 151. I know I missed some stuff but I completed a lot of side quests. You get some really good items and weapons but it comes so close to the end. I guess that's more incentive to re-play the game.

I'll take a break and get to my backlog. Maybe in the future I'll start journey 2 or hopefully there's DLC coming in the future.
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I’m on character number 3 at this point. Faith and Arcane this time
Just beat the game, had a great time with it and can't wait for the dlc. Last boss was kind of s*** IMO, I picked the Ranni ending

Good choice. Ranni is bae.

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May just start a second playthrough of this. I thought the DLC might be right around the corner but that doesn't seem to be the case
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