Forza Horizon 4 - To be Delisted 15th December

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This could be a hint that it’s gonna get pulled/delisted next year

No surprise though it is a little odd how short MS pay the rights for. Most publishers go for about 10 years
No surprise though it is a little odd how short MS pay the rights for. Most publishers go for about 10 years
I think it’s all the music licenses, well at least with horizon, they seem to have a shorter life span the the Motorsport series.

Like a lot of the songs in horizon 5 are actually timed exclusive to the game, you can’t even purchase or stream them yet….that Garcia lady, on one of the stations, is an actual artist and one of her songs made it’s debut for the game. And some artist made song bites (bits?) for specific moments in game too. Said artist are genuine fans of the horizon series.
No more online support?
"Players who already own the game and its content will be able to download and play it as normal, including its offline, online, and multiplayer features; physical copies of the game purchased after this date will also work and will be able to use online features."
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What happened with the game preservation nonsense MS was spewing a few months ago...
Yep. These games always get delisted due to licensing running out. Guess by this point MS see no point paying to extend it.
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I get the licensing issue. I missed out on getting FH3 and FM7 at the time not having an Xbox console during that time period when they were available. I figured MS would be doing more from now on keeping their 1st party games available to play and purchase in the future.

Update, January 25, 2018: Xbox's Aaron Greenberg and Major Nelson have now confirmed that Microsoft Studios titles will be permanently available as part of Xbox Game Pass, making them effectively like Netflix Original shows. Pretty awesome.

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My guess is that would mean most of the cars and they can't be arsed to give them an fake names and badges.
Still, they seem to pay for short licenses so I'm guessing 5 will be delisted in 2026.