Fun leak, but from 4chan, so...


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Sep 11, 2013

Choose if you want to believe this leak or not; after all, everyone will find out the truth soon.
This info was obtained from multiple insider sources throughout the social media teams at various game studios including Rockstar Games, WB Montreal, Nintendo, Activision, and EA.

Here's what was gathered:

- On March 25, 2020, Rockstar Games will officially announce Grand Theft Auto VI on all their social media accounts. The first trailer will drop within the next week after the announcement. Vice City, 1980's. Apparently, there is a way to play cops in the multiplayer mode (aka GTA Online) but I couldn't get too much on that, I'll try to look into it further though.
- WB Montreal to soon announce Batman: Arkham Legacy, a soft reboot of the series, within the next few months; only next-gen.
- Nintendo to announce BOTW sequel at their E3 replacement online Direct. May not be the final title, but the most common one said was The Legend of Zelda: Dark Tombs; apparently will have a darker, spookier theme this time around like Majora's Mask.
- Call of Duty 2020 is Call of Duty: Black Ops and will be a reboot to the series in a similar way the new Modern Warfare was to its series. To be set during the Vietnam War and finally remove Specialists. Announcement to come in mid-May.
- At EA's online E3 press conference substitute this year they will announce Battlefield 6, apparently the most ambitious DICE project to date. Set in Modern Day with larger player counts; unclear if this will come to current-gen or not though.
- Lastly, Overwatch 2 to have another info reveal pretty soon, and the reveal of some of its launch heroes over the summer. The release is currently set to be Q1 2021.