Gaming myths you believed but turned out to be fake, and real ones that wowed your friends.


I am a sinner.
Sep 11, 2013
I've been watching some old arcade game playthroughs and it brought me back to my childhood of spending countless hours in arcades. With no internet, and video game magazines not yet for mainstream, there were lots of rumors and folklores. Not only about arcade games, but also about NES, Genesis, and other home console games.

For me, the biggest myth that proved to be false was getting to Willy's machine gun before he comes down the elevator in Double Dragon. My friends and I tried our hardest to get it. We jumped, kicked, and elbowed through countless quarters to try to get it. We never did.

The one I wowed my friends with was using special characters in NBA Jam Tournament edition in the arcade. I slapped my quarter down to get next. My friends were there watching. I put in SUB, then DEC, then I hovered on 5! Before I pressed the button I turned to everyone watching. I hit the button. "SUB ZERO!" sang through the speakers of the cabinet. Everyone went, "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH Snap!" The person I was playing claimed I was cheating. I beat him. "NEXT!"