Internet Connection woes.....


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Sep 14, 2013
Wall of text incoming.

Ok, I'll start off by saying that I live in a small town 30 miles from the nearest big city, so my choices of Internet Providers are slim. As in there is 1, Frontier Communications and it's a DSL service.

I've been paying for a 6mbps connection and have never seen my actual connection speed higher than 1.8. So I called Frontier and told them my plight and they said they'd hook me up with a 12mbps connection at the same price I was already paying.

Earlier today the service guy did whatever it was that he needed to do to upgrade the line, and I got home all excited that I'd now have a decent (for a small town) connection. I did a speed test........ 5.73mbps. A couple minutes after that I did another......2.07mbps. After that I got a 0.04mbps. I immediately called Frontier and told them what was going on and I was told that my line was showing a 10 to 11 Mbps connection. They decided to send me out a new modem, which should arrive in a couple days but I have no idea if it will help. I ran another test as soon as I got off the phone and the speed was back up to 5.6. 10 minutes later it was 0.07.

Does anyone have any clue as to why this is happening? I'm not tech savvy AT ALL, so I'm at my wits end.


Sep 12, 2013
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Seriously, I used to live in Southern Michigan by the tri-state border with ye old Frontier DSL. I feel your pain. You know you're in the boonies when your ISP is called Frontier.

My personal suspicion is that Frontier equipment or lines are just bad. For example, I used to manually switch my DNS resolver to Google's public DNS It almost always worked faster than on Frontier's DNS setting. In fact, you might even want to try that yourself. I don't know if it would do anything for gaming, but it helped with web browsing.


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Sep 11, 2013
My internet connection drops all the time. I've got a new modem and it still happens. Think it might be the coaxial able actually but have been too lazy to replace that.


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Sep 13, 2013
Sounds like a crowded DSLAM. Nothing you can do.