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Sep 11, 2013


In the video, Molyneux explains that Legacy is inspired by his first-ever game, The Entrepreneur - a sim, released in 1984, about growing a business. Legacy considerably fleshes out that early idea, initially casting players as small-time inventors squirrelled away in a garage workshop.

What follows appears to be a game of two distinct, but interlocking halves - the first, unfolding directly within the workshop, focussed on creative freedom. Here, players are able to combine various pre-fabricated building elements to create anything that takes their fancy - whether that be a toy bear, a telephone, or something more outlandish. At a certain point, however, Legacy shifts gears and turns into an experience more closely resembling an industrialist sim.

Once those early inventions begin to sell in sufficient numbers, players will need to start focussing on expanding their business empire, hiring workers, securing resources, and building factories to keep up with public demand. Eventually, certain moral conundrums will emerge, forcing players to make decisions about whether they're a good employer or bad employer as they climb the ladder toward corporate supremacy.