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I had to pass on Xenoblade 3. 2 was too grindy even for me. And alot of pointless side quests.
The side quests aren't that many. Usually 2 or three in a colony. But they added hero quests to unlock new classes. They're like mini story quests that are really good.
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Not sure if anybody else has it, but the calculator app for the switch has been super useful for me. I use it for work all the time. I wish I had it back in high school and college as I rather like the large screen and horizontal layout over what physical calculators had. A solid two bucks spent.
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I beat Xenoblade 3 Future Redeemed DLC. It was really good. if u haven't played the first two games, the dlc will have a lot of spoilers and references.

This is probably my favorite song from the DLC. Early game area.