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It's an Obsidian game, I'm def going to check it out when I have some time.
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I finished it earlier today. What a game. I know it's not going to appeal to many, but it's probably one of my favorites this year.
I’ve been playing it in small increments. It’s different, but I’m liking what’s there so far.
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I just want some background music.

Think I'm near the end of Chapter 1.
No sequel. Intended to be a one and done story.

The original non-working title of Pentiment actually was Palimpsest! Microsoft legal sensed potential difficulty with securing that name so I renamed it to Pentiment.
And no, I have no plans to make any sort of sequel, spiritual or otherwise, for Pentiment. I always intended it as a stand alone story. It may inspire ideas (hopefully not just for me!) in the future, but I'm happy with where we've left it.
That make me sad actually. I really enjoyed Pentiment and would love a spiritual sequel to it in another time era.
Oh look another great game ignored by a certain award show despite Stray being made eligible for the following years show.....
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I'm more upset Josh Sawyer doesn't want to do a sequel or a spinoff of it.
Played the first 30 minutes. Is this supposed to get interesting soon? Because I'm not really ever in the mood for a comic book about European history disguised as a game.

Tomorrow on Switch!
Where’s ahifi rush physical release?

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