Psychonauts 2

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The only time during E3 when I about lost my sh!t, was the Double Fine announcement.

Just to be clear, I'm not happy because of exclusivity at all. I'm happy to actually get backing behind Double Fine, and that the Xbox team was smart enough to bring them in. They really effed up by not doing that long ago, during the first Psychonauts, IMO. Then again, maybe it's better now, or they would have went the way of Dice, Fassa, and Bizarre Creations.
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I skimmed to this very comment :p but if you’re referring to psychonauts 2, it’ll be on gamepass :)
He was referring to...
First game currently free on Xbox
Kind of surprised it's not already on Gamepass, but probaly a publisher issue, as I don't know if Microsoft got the rights to distribute the first game...
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I am or was a fan of Tim Schafer. I watched a full clip of his GDC panel on puzzle design, & have all his key points on my pasteboard. He then went on to break every one of his rules in Boken age. The game is just not fun, no clear direction & poor puzzle

Is Psychonauts for series X, the visuals is super underwhelming.