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Sony personally helped porting Sea of Thieves to PlayStation is great meaning the game should be more optimized and take a shorter time.
"According to Joe Neate, the game's producer, throughout the port's development, Sony helped the team a lot, holding meetings with Rare staff and even providing their own employees whenever they needed them.

Even when the project was still a secret, Sony was already working closely with Rare to make it possible. "If we went to visit their studios, we had to go without wearing a Sea of Thieves T-shirt, as you can imagine why," commented the producer.

“This is the first time in Rare’s 40-year history that we’re developing on a Sony platform, which is incredible. It was quite surreal for us, getting on a call and being presented with a set of slides about a platform that we never thought we would get an opportunity to go ship on. But honestly, for our tech team, it was like: ‘Let’s just get kits in and start experimenting and figuring this out.’ We had them hidden away in a secret part of the studio with frosted windows and no one could peek in. It was excitement as much as anything else"
PS gamers “SoT isn’t a good game lol @ XB exclusives”

Now PS gamers “this game is great!”
Yeah, I am seeing this all over social media. Xbox games were all pure trash and Xbox has no games. Now PS gamers apparently found games on Xbox that have been there this entire time that were "trash" and they are begging for them. I assume that it because Sony first party isn't making any games for the PS.
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Sea of Thieves taking 1st AND 5th.

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