STALKER 2 - September 5th, 2024

"GSC Game World did respond to a question about the game's difficulty, as spotted by Polish website Gry-Online. It simply said that STALKER 2 will offer plenty of difficulty settings so players can 'find the right level of challenge."

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Are these people idiots? They announced Q1 like 6 weeks ago but now it is September.

Does Ukraine have a different calendar than the rest of us? Q1 Ukraine = End of Q3 in the rest of the world? Seriously though, already changing the date they just gave us at the end of November is nuts.

Between the recent gameplay description and the nonsensical release dates, I'm kinda losing interest in this one.
I remember trying to run Stalker on my old PC back in the day. At least now I can run it on my Xbox, which I don’t have yet. But will soon.