The Official iPhone Thread


I am a sinner.
Sep 11, 2013
I can't wait until tomorrow. I LOVE the flat look of it and lots and lots of white. I was almost gonna sign up to be a "developer" so I could beta test it and get it early but decided against it.
Been using it for the last couple of months. Some things I like, somethings I don't. But overall it's better than iOS6 IMO.
From the vids and pics I've seen, it's substantially better. From a look perspective I think Ivy did a great job. What don't you like about it?
I have to wait like 3 more days after release. My cell is a corporate one so we have been told not to upgrade until we get the all clear :(

I honestly can't wait to see a new iOS
Might wait for my 5s to mess with it.

Had a 5, but on my old 4S right now cuz I broke my 5.

Dat giant staircase + mantle + cat.

Dat Apple Care?

I really want the 5s. I'm such a gadget nerd but to get a 64 gig after I sell my 32gig iPhone 5 would be ~$500 since I have to buy at the off contract price since I'm off contract.
I don't buy warranties.

I've got extra phone upgrades because I pay for my phone, my girlfriends, and my brother + an extra account I gave to my Mom for a while that used to be my separate "business line" when I was doing a lot of side contracting.
I got Applecare for the iPhone 5. I took it out of my pocket one time and the front had separated from the aluminum. I was still within 30 days so I ended up getting it. It was over a 1/16 of an inch out from it's seat. I hadn't put any abnormal pressure on it. Of course it hasn't happened since.....
From the vids and pics I've seen, it's substantially better. From a look perspective I think Ivy did a great job. What don't you like about it?

The flat look, mostly the gaudy color scheme they went with for some of the UI elements, and loss of some UX information (bugs me as a UX designer, kinda like how bad kerning bothers me when it doesn't bother anyone else).
Ive been using the developer version for a few months now and it still has a few bugs with it, but overall the tasks and ability to pull up the menu for easy to access built in flashlight, bluetooth, orientation lock, et al has been worth it.

Also dat silent auto update for your apps!
I love the flat look combined with the floaty/slow moving background. It looks very neat and elegant.
Want to install it on my iphone 5 but its jailbroken and don't want to lose that. Hopefully i can order a 5s Friday so i can give my 5 to my girl and take her iphone 4 off of her.
Until the Jailbreak for it comes out, I'll be sticking with iOS 6. Already have all the features of 7 on my device right now.
iPhone keeps freaking out when trying to check for it
yeah, kinda figured -- still gotta hit my iPad2 when I get home as well

I hate that my work has made me an Apple whore, but also, I don't hate it ;)
I like it, but it reminds me of the UI from a hotmail concept from a long time ago. But many of my apps have disappeared.
Servers getting hammered. I tried 3 times already and nothing...