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Sep 11, 2013
Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal turns out to be quite a complicated process, relying on fascinating optomechanical phenomena. Anti-Gravity Wheel
This video explains how a 90kg spinning wheel can become "light as a feather" without breaking any of Newton's Laws. Gyroscopic Precession
Regarding the last video, what is gyroscopic precession? This is incredibly important when considering the physics of helicopters. (More on that in the third installment) Simple Math

Try adding these numbers along with the audience. Ants Can Count

How do ants find their way home? Turns out, certain desert ants use an internal counting mechanism to remember the number of steps they've taken away from their home. How did scientists prove this? Broken Logic

A basic introduction to logic, a subject that can get quite complicated rather quickly.
Straw Men

Another introductory logic video explaining straw man arguments. This topic is incredibly important to keep in mind as the political debate season approaches.
The Writer Who Couldn't Read

The story of Howard Engel, a writer who developed alexia (word blindness). Interesting story which sheds light on the compartmental nature of the human brain with regard to vision, language, and penmanship.
How A Simple Lock Works

How a simple pin-tumbler lock works. More on how to pick said lock next time.
How To Count With Bruce Springsteen


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Sep 11, 2013

Scientists at the University of Rochester have created a metal that is so extremely hydrophobic that the water bounces on it as if it were repelled by a magic force field. Instead of using chemical coatings they used lasers to etch a nanostructure on the metal itself. It will not wear off, like current less effective methods. The applications can be revolutionary: From the construction of airplane surfaces—which will avoid water freezing of the fuselage—to non-stick pans to phones to computers to TVs to cars to whatever you can imagine made of metal. They are also thinking of applying the technique to create 100-percent efficient water recollection systems in underdeveloped countries and the creation of latrines in areas where water is not abundant enough to allow for effective cleaning. But it gets even better: The lead scientist says that 'the structures created by their laser on the metals are intrinsically part of the material surface' so they will not disappear over time, like current chemical coatings do.


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Sep 11, 2013
I don't know the acronyms in the biotech one. Would anyone that does kindly give us a short rundown on what this breakthrough means?
Pretty sure GMO stands for Giant Male Otters. Hope that puts the breakthrough in some context. Pretty great stuff.


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Sep 11, 2013
I never found space facts and multi-billion dollar space voyages very interesting.

But if there's science facts telling how a melted Twizzler stick can be a substitute for caulking ceramic tiles, I'd read the article in an instant!


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Sep 11, 2013
Rhea, Saturn's second largest moon passes in front of the largest, Titan

The moon Daphnis' gravity creates vertical waves in the Keeler Gap

Saturn passes in front of the sun

Saturn's icy moon Enceladus

Casting a shadow on the rings

The hexagonal storm vortex at the north pole

A summer strom encircles the planet

Equatorial ridge on the moon Iapetus

Mimas passes in front of Satrun's upper atmosphere

Prometheus creates an intricate pattern of perturbation in Saturn's F ring

The 'spongey' moon Hyperion

Geysers on Enceladus

Mimas' primary crater

Close up of Enceladus

The moon Prometheus

The moon Rhea looms near its sibling moon Epimetheus

Hexagonal storm at the north pole

Mimas' primary crater


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Sep 12, 2013
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I'm just waiting for that asteroid to hit us in 2036. We need to hit the reset button badly.


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Sep 14, 2013
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My guess is that the company that trying to bring back the dead is the same one who put out all those crappy robot surgeons.

Their legal division should hire Ross.

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Sep 18, 2013
Scientist (me) confirms, that Jellyfish is pretty much rad, and also that people who like sports, are lesser people.

Also, check out Dr Karl on triple J. I'll link his podcast tomorrow, but his podcasts are amazing.


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Sep 11, 2013
Green Lantern coming down to earth? plz?

Meteor over India. Amazingly timed photo. Simply beautiful.
Oh, man, that means the President will now need to build a space wall too.