1. karmakid

    Netflix, Paramount And Showtime Include In Verizon Bundle

  2. The Wolf King

    Dolphin coming to Steam

  3. Plainview

    Post Your Pics, Clips And Videos - PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, IOS, Android, Luna, And Stadia

    Since a bunch of people are going to be using the upload to SkyDrive, and uploading them to YouTube, we can share all of our glories in one thread. Start uploading NOW! I want to see your glories and failures. Even the CoD "That's bull$hit," videos we know we will all have. When Twitch upload...
  4. karmakid

    Miku Expo Concert Streaming Free Now

  5. Kvally


    I saw that there wasn't an official thread to post the news about the game being delayed, so I figured I would start it now. Microsoft has delayed the game until September 14th: Game is coming to...
  6. karmakid

    Xbox Series X|S Launch Celebration November 10th, 2020