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Sep 11, 2013
Since a bunch of people are going to be using the upload to SkyDrive, and uploading them to YouTube, we can share all of our glories in one thread. Start uploading NOW! I want to see your glories and failures. Even the CoD "That's bull$hit," videos we know we will all have. When Twitch upload goes live we can do it in this thread as well but that's a long way off.

Make sure they're YOUR videos!

Get to uploadin'!
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Come on people, do not be selfish. Share so your poor brothers can drool over that which they are currently missing out on.
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Still waiting on my X1, but when I get it (hopefully within next couple hours) and get everything set up DR3 is being played first. That should give me some cool videos to upload!
So just to get a clarification. When you say "Xbox, record that" it gives you the LAST 30 seconds of your gameplay or the NEXT 30 seconds?
Uploaded a clip of Dead Rising 3 to Skydrive I get sound but no gameplay anyone else having the same issue?
So the One is always recording and has 5 minutes saved but if something cool happens you say Xbox record that and it goes save the last 30 seconds? Can you also go to the upload studio without saying xbox record that and edit it down to the last 30 seconds?
Hey PV,

Too bad you could not 'reverse' the recording of the Kinect so if you and your wife/gf had an epic moment of the couch you could say "Xbox Record"!!!!
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What is the recording functions like on Xbox One? I have Playstation and it creates a video of the past 15 minutes whenever you hit that share button. Does Xbox One have a similar function to this, and if so, what are the details?
I have recorded a 30 second clip, but not a 5 minute clip. From what I have read though, you can say "Xbox record that" and it will give you a 30 second clip. I think you have to go to Game DVR to record a 5 minute clip.
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How the fook do I upload my footage to Skydrive? Furthermore, will there be any chance that they add in a "share to x social network" feature?
Thought I would at least give it a try. Was doing fine till the end when I suddenly decided not to block...

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