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Japanese players have gotten Final Fantasy 16 trending on Twitter in the wake of newly-announced PS5 price hikes, and many of them are hoping for a PC port so they won't have to shell out for new console hardware.
As a result of the price increase, FF16 is now trending(opens in new tab) in Japan on Twitter, as aitaikimochi notes(opens in new tab). Many of those players are Final Fantasy fans simply lamenting that the price of the console is likely to keep them away from the next entry in the series.
Others are hoping to play FF16 on their gaming PCs. The vagaries of machine translation make it difficult to pin down precise quotes, but Steam and Epic keep coming up(opens in new tab), and it seems calls for a PC port - in the vein of Final Fantasy 7 Remake - are getting louder. Some players are wishing(opens in new tab) FF16 will be released on PS4, too, but calls for that PC port are much more common.
Complaining about a PS5 hike but forgetting how much a build to run it comparable to PS5 would cost.


Hopefully they are ignored and have to buy a PS5.
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Wonder if they’ll make a chibi version like they did with xv and ten later port that to all consoles, for switch’s… it being made in unreal?
6 month exclusive.


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Totally pro consumer..

Grubb on GB thinks that's just for PC and Steam while Xbox will be longer if ever.
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I don't care to give Kotaku any of my time, and I eally don't care for woke bs, however, I did notice this, lol. I like a realistic approach to fantasy, and it seems to me at least one or two civilizations would be ethically different.

Unless they are all really close to each other with similar climates, which I dont think is the case. Just seems odd to me. Makes the world building less believable.

I do like that Japan just says stuff it to the puling little tyrants tho.
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