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It's the same other than the shadows right? I doubt xbox players noticed the shadows but and it doesn't make the game less enjoyable for people who like it. It's nice that they aren't telling their devs to hold things back on PS5.

Higher texture filtering too and better quality shadows. Won't take away from the original experience but nice to see the devs get even more out of the PlayStation API and hardware with sustained excellent performance.
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It all depends on the game, some can get quite juvenile and embarrassing but it's not like every male character in a game is some heartthrob either. Honestly some of her costumes do look pretty silly to me but I'm not the person they are targeting with them anyway lol. We've overcorrected a lot of things in the past 10-15 years, and we need to get back to a place of balance. It's not like there aren't women out there with great bodies lol they shouldn't have zero representation in games because some girls who don't look like that let it impact their own feeling of self-worth.
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What a Debbie Downer he is. f*** off Kevin. I love this day every year.

It's kind of your own fault for believing anything posted on the day, but boy does gaming have some rabid fanboys just ready to pounce on anything.
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