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Things like the community standing board should have been in from day 1.
Getting perks from saving towns folk does give it a little of that State of Decay feeling.
@TeKPhaN please tell us how we’re all wrong about this game and what we should be playing instead 🤡
The first time I played, I had just left the fire station and headed out. I deleted my save and started over. I am now back to where I started. However, this time I am reading the pages that I find and picking up and collecting everything. Performance is good, graphics are better than I thought, based on their chosen art style. A lot of satisfaction when using the shotgun stake to kill vampires. The pistol works awesome when shooting enemies. Plenty of story telling to be had. Looking forward to progressing further into this.
They seem to have added a few little bits around the map.
Found a couple vampires frozen after beeping caught in UV traps.

Still would have liked SoD style communities giving you missions.
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