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    Xbox Demo GDC Event ArcRunner Backbeat BattleCakes Booom-Slang! Boxville Evil Wizard Fall of Porcupine Fractal Space Sker Ritual Soulvars The Isle Tide Hotel The Library of Babel Standouts include...
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    Next Gen Xbox - Name Redacted

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    Shinji Mikami Leaving Tango Gameworks
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    LAST DAY!!! Xbox 360 Games Being Removed From Market Place February 7, 2023

    List of games being removed… May depend on country… *edit to add below Y’all may have gotten this email….😿 *edited UPDATE 2
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    The Pathless

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    Goldeneye - Jan 27 - Gamepass Or Digital Rare Replay Required

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    ASUS Xbox Raikiri Pro With OLED Display And Built In DAC
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    Xbox Games Of 2023

    What are you looking forward to…
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    Xbox Developer Direct, Jan 25, 2023 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST/8 p.m GMT Xbox has addressed its surprisingly low-key participation in The Game Awards on Thursday, where it opted to make no major game announcements at the show. Some fans expressed...
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    Xbox And Unity Partner Up
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    Xbox Fanfest At Gamescon 2022 Xbox FanFest @ gamescom After Hours Booth Access Event. Xbox FanFest will host a special event after hours in the Xbox Booth. This event will take place on Wednesday, August 24from 8:00pm – 11:00pm CEST and gives select fans a...
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    Rewards (* is where the program was already available) Albania Andorra Armenia Australia * Austria Azerbaijan Belgium * Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil * Bulgaria Canada * Croatia Czech Republic...
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    Day One GamePass App - Xbox Era
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    Insignia - OG Xbox Emulation

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    Blizzard To Aquire Spellbreak
  16. Smiley


    Looks like it could be fun. What do you all think?
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    Obsidian’s Pitch For Avowed And Studio Acquisition - IGN Feargus Urquhar Interview
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    Kojima’s Xbox Game

    Dono if it’s one of the other projects/games he’s working on, if and when I’ll then merge….
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    What Do You Want To See From Xbox/Bethesda 2022 Showcase?

    We’re just four days away!
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    Microsoft Pledges To Support Unionization Efforts Within Their Internal Studios