1. karmakid

    Xbox Discovery Day

  2. karmakid

    More New Fallout Games Coming? Planned
  3. karmakid

    Up Coming Game Events - 2024 Part 1 - We’re Not In E3 Anymore

    I’ll link the rest later May 30: -State of Play -Marvelous Game Showcase -Silent Hill Transmission June 1: -Next Indie Direct June 4: -Indie3 June 6: -Guerrilla Collective June 7: -IGN Live -SGF -Day of the Devs -Devolver June 8: -Wholesome -Future Games June 9: -Xbox -PCG June 10 -...
  4. The Wolf King

    Ninja Theorys next Game Reportedly already Greenlit

    In addition to Project Mara. The Hellblade 2 message mentions this is chapter 2 so maybe this is Hellblade 3?
  5. karmakid

    Xbox Meta Quest And More

  6. karmakid

    ID@Xbox x IGN Showcase - April 29 At 10am PT On top of epic trailers, fresh gameplay, and new reveals, the show will feature new details on upcoming games like Dungeons of Hinterberg, 33 Immortals, Lost Records Bloom & Rage, and many others. The ID@Xbox...
  7. karmakid

    Bethesda Zenimax Online Working On Second New Game

    Maybe a new fps action eso like game?
  8. karmakid

    Xbox General Discussion 2K24

  9. karmakid

    Xbox FanFest / Showcase And [COD] Direct - June 9, 2024 At 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST USE SPOILER TAGS FOR LEAKS NO RUMORS!

    Yep just announced *edit to add and update, again, below Xbox Games Showcase Followed by Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Direct Airs June 9 Mark your calendars! The Xbox Games Showcase will be livestreamed on June 9, 2024, starting at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST (additional time zones below)...
  10. karmakid

    Major Nelson To Go Multiplatform At Unity

  11. karmakid

    Toys For Bob Goes Indie, Possibly Partnership With Xbox As Second Party?

    Maybe they’re just being relocated? Maybe with blizzard? *edit to add below
  12. karmakid

    Red Art To Publish Indie Xbox Physical Games

    They do stuff like what “Limited Run Games”, maybe not as extravagant with their collectors and special editions, but still cool stuff.
  13. Grimmy

    Xbox Year-in-Review

  14. karmakid

    Developer Direct 2024 - 18th Jan, at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm UK.

    Join Union on Discord to witness the future. Everyone is welcomed, sit back, enjoy, and discuss (creative and critical critique) On Thursday, January 18 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm UK, fans will get an inside look at a selection of highly anticipated games...
  15. karmakid

    Activision Blizzard King And Xbox Roundtable March 2024?

    It’s more than likely it’ll be a thing next year, as they did with Bethesda…so what do you expect and want to see?
  16. karmakid

    Bethesda, Zenimax Online Studios Working On New IP - Now With New Engine

  17. karmakid

    StarCraft To Return In Different Form

  18. karmakid

    Blizzard Boss Mike Ybarra Optimistic About A More Independent Future Under Xbox
  19. karmakid

    Xbox Partners With Inworld To Bring AI Characters To Games And Dev Tools