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Having to rely on dlc.

They gave it an overhaul and it's scoring well but no let's bash it despite not having played it.
But then, not everyone only buys games based on a MC score that they only hold dear when it suits them.

I'll let you know how it actually plays at some point this week.
Try harder it's a GAAS dumbass
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It's looks great imo and I'm very glad they didn't f*** this up
Try harder it's a GAAS dumbass
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That's ps5 for you lol
Usually are.

Sonic games have continued to sell well despite scores all over the place apart from the WIIU game which had no gamers to actually buy it.
The games are GAAS.
Nobody said Destiny 1 and 2 aren't GAAS. Jesus christ!!!

DLC = Downloadable content. That exotic skin you buy from Eververse is DLC. Taken King is DLC. Beyong Light is DLC.
That's sega for you.
Sonic hasn't been relevant in decades.
So, I post that, in my opinion, I think it looks great... you then reply, for some reason (?), that it has whatever score on metacritic... do you review life by what mainstream media tells you? If so, how do you fair yourself, do everyone like you?
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