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Definitely not winning any graphics awards. The pop up exists on Series X as well.

This is another game that could have done with scrapping the last gen versions but no way are they going to ignore the switch.

Controls are fine and the rush stages are fun.

Only played about 50 minutes though(but that's more than some passing judgement..)and not really had to battle any major enemies yet.

Music is lovely.
At times it feels/looks like it's been made using a Halo mod. I'm enjoying it and hope they make another as I feel they will nail it.
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Main story finished. Despite some issues it's a damn good game and yeah SF2 should be a banger.

Maxed Sonic out but you really don't have to as none of the enemies really cause too many issues and once you know what to do when Super Sonic the boss battles are easy(the last one the easiest of the lot as it goes).

Edit - seems the last boss is only easy on Easy or Normal difficulty and very different on Hard.
This game also needs a New Game+ mode
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