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Both are accessible with certain levels of Game Pass.

What Are Some Good Xbox Game Pass Alternatives?​

For those leaving Game Pass in search of a new subscription service to dive into, we’ve broken down two of the best Game Pass alternatives available on Xbox. These are EA Play and Ubisoft+. You can purchase a membership for both subscription services from the Xbox Store.
Has anyone seen Game Pass go on sale recently? I can't pay full price like some commoner.
Only the three month packs for 34.99 at bestbuy and I’m gonna assume Amazon, they price match, as does target and Walmart, dono about GameStop

Or if you let yours run out and do this

*edit for above

nvm it’s for new members entirely, unless you’re down to start a new account and just use it for access whilst still using whatever account yoh have but I don’t think you’ll get that number of how long you’ve been a member
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